Calling for Volunteers

The Downtown Board (Saint Albans for the Future) organizes events throughout the city throughout the year. They work closely with businesses to market our Historic Downtown and regularly lead projects to improve our downtown's beauty, publicity, and economic development.

We're regularly seeking volunteers to help implement current events and projects and to kick off new projects.

We've put together some of the common questions we get about volunteering, please reach out to if you have further questions or would like to help during events or join the board.

How many hours a month are required?

Since we're a volunteer run and managed organizations it's very flexible. Board members can expect to participate in at least one meeting per month for about two hours.

Event volunteers can participate for as long or short as they wish, we welcome anyone willing to give us even a little time.

How long are members on the board?

There are two terms for board members, two-year seats and three-years seats. If someone chooses to leave the board before the end of their term we do have alternates that often fill in.

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