Downtown Dollars

A Downtown Dollars card has a cash value that will be accepted at local businesses in St. Albans.  A simple, yet powerful, gift idea that was developed at the beginning of COVID-19 to remind the public that small businesses are still serving us all here in Downtown St. Albans.  And the program still lives on today!  See below for the list of participating businesses and some FAQs.

Buy Downtown Dollars Cards

You can order Downtown Dollars Cards here online, and the City of St. Albans will mail them to you free of charge within the U.S.  If you need to pay by check, pick up your order, or order more than 10 cards, please email Chip Sawyer at c.sawyer@stalbansvt.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the card have any restrictions?

The Downtown Dollars card is redeemable at any participating downtown merchants. Value up to $10. Good for one transaction only. Surrendered to the business upon use.

How do I use Downtown Dollars?

Just like regular cash, downtown dollars, can be used for its full amount just once. At this point the cards do not have the ability to carry a balance.

How do participating businesses cash Downtown Dollars?

Participating businesses can bring any downtown dollars they accept to Saint Albans City Hall by the first Monday of the month for a reimbursement check.

Who do I call or email if I have questions?

Please reach out to c.sawyer@stalbansvt.com (802) 524-1500 ext. *259 with any questions about the Downtown Dollars program.

How do I become  a participating business?

Businesses located in Downtown St. Albans not yet participating may reach out to c.sawyer@stalbansvt.com to be added to the list of participating businesses.
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