Downtown Dollars

Downtown Dollars

A Downtown Dollars card has a cash value that will be accepted at local businesses in St. Albans. A simple, yet powerful, gift idea that was developed at the beginning of COVID-19 to remind the public that small businesses are still serving us all here in Downtown St. Albans. And the program still lives on today! See below for the list of participating businesses and some FAQs.

Buy Downtown Dollars Cards

You can order Downtown Dollars Cards here online, and the City of St. Albans will mail them to you free of charge within the U.S. If you need to pay by check, pick up your order, or order more than 30 cards, please email Arleigh Young at [email protected].¬†

Frequently Asked Questions

As a customer, how do I use a Downtown Dollars card?

Simply present the card to any business that accepts them when making a purchase. It should be treated as $10 cash; except for the few cards out there that are noted as worth $5, which should be treated as $5 cash.

How do businesses get paid for Downtown Dollars they collect?

On the first Monday of each month the merchant can bring the Cards to Arleigh Young at City Hall, 100 North Main Street, mail them to St. Albans City Hall, C/O Arleigh Young, P.O. Box 867, St. Albans VT 05478, or email [email protected] to have them picked up. A check will be mailed or dropped off within the month for the full cash value of returned cards.

A customer is asking for change and I thought the card was a one transaction use only.

The card is just one use, but it is to be used like cash and change should be given. Just like if you were handed a $10 bill. The full $10 will be redeemed when you turn in your cards to City Hall. Note: Some $5 cards are still in circulation and are noted as such on the front. Please treat them as $5 cash.

Is there a limit to how many Downtown Dollars a customer can redeem at one visit?

No, there is no limit set by the program, but each business is allowed to limit how many cards they will accept at once.

I am a downtown business and would like to participate in the Downtown Dollars Program, How do I get involved?

Any business located within Saint Albans Downtown can join the Downtown Dollars program at any time by emailing [email protected]. Your business will be added to the participating list on the website.

My business is outside of Downtown, can I still join?

Email [email protected]. Each business will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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