Unveiling the Downtown T-Shirt Graphic: Meet Artist Blake Getchell

Sep 6, 2023

Downtown St. Albans has always been a hub of creativity and community, and this year, it’s getting a new addition to its vibrant culture – a stunning T-shirt graphic featuring the antique fountain that graces the heart of our city. The artist behind this masterpiece is none other than Blake Getchell, a talented painter and illustrator hailing from Swanton, with deep roots in Northern Maine. We had the privilege to sit down with Blake and learn more about the inspiration behind this captivating graphic: 
 1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your artistic aspirations?
Blake Getchell: “My name is Blake Getchell, and I live in Swanton. I have a deep love for art, music, community, and the great outdoors. While I’m primarily a painter and illustrator, I aspire to explore other forms of artistry in the future, including basket making, beading, pottery, and metalworking.” 
2. What inspired you to create this graphic featuring the downtown fountain?
Blake Getchell: “The antique and historical look of the fountain really caught my eye. The beauty of the statues and the dark, rich colors of the metal excited me to create an image. I chose to portray it in black and white, later adding the brown background for depth.” 
3. What’s your favorite aspect of the graphic?Blake Getchell: “My favorite aspect has to be the contrast between the shadows and light within the fountain. It adds depth and a sense of mystery to the artwork.” 
4. How do you feel about your artwork being featured in downtown St. Albans?
Blake Getchell: “Downtown St. Albans is already very dear to me, even though I’ve only lived here for two years. The rich history and strong sense of community involvement are exceptional. I’m truly honored that my artwork is being used by the City.”
5. Can you share your experience working with the St. Albans Community Development team?Blake Getchell: “I had a wonderful experience collaborating with the St. Albans Community Development team. They share a genuine appreciation for our vibrant city and its community. They are lovely people.” 
6. Were there any interesting moments during the creation of the graphic?
Blake Getchell: “Well, there was a little mishap when editing the font on ‘St. Albans, VT.’ I accidentally left out the ‘L’ at one point and didn’t notice. It’s those quirky moments that make art creation memorable!” 
7. Any special shoutouts or thanks you’d like to give?
Blake Getchell: “I’d like to start by thanking my Mom, Tammy Getchell, for telling me about the contest and providing constructive criticism on my drafts. Thanks, Mom! And for those interested in following my artistic journey, you can find updates and my works on my Instagram @jipjijarts.”
With Blake’s incredible talent and deep appreciation for our community, his downtown fountain graphic promises to be a cherished addition to St. Albans. It’s a celebration of art, history, and the vibrant spirit of our city. Be sure to check out Blake’s Instagram for more of his inspiring work!
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